UI/UX, Frontend, Smart Contracts
Team composition: 3 members
Duration: 2 months
Services provided: Frontend Development, Web3 Development 
Industry: Decentralized Audio Streaming, Marketplace
Client name: Ocean Protocol

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves is a decentralized audio streaming marketplace built using Ocean Protocol. Artists can upload songs or complete albums and set the price for them. Users can buy the songs or albums, create playlists and play them in the marketplace.

Ocean Supports the Following Chains:


- Ethereum Mainnet
- Polygon Mainnet


- Ethereum Testnet (Goerli)
- Polygon Testnet (Mumbai)


We designed and developed the Audio Streaming Marketplace by forking the Ocean Market code from Ocean Protocol. On top of it, we developed a lot of new functionalities in order to customize the Ocean Market to an Audio Streaming Marketplace.

Each Audio File on the marketplace is an NFT with a unique DID (decentralized id) and a unique access token.

All displayed data in the app is presented around the concept of one asset, and is a combination of:
- metadata about the audio file
- the actual audio file
- the NFT which represents the audio file
- the datatokens representing access rights to the audio file
- financial data connected to these datatokens, either a fixed rate exchange contract or a dispenser for free audio
- calculations and conversions based on financial data
- metadata about publisher accounts

We retrieved the data from multiple sources:

1. Aquarius - get the initial assets and their metadata (DDO)
2. Ocean Protocol Subgraph - get financial data in the market
3. ENS - get publishers' profiles
4. Purgatory - get additional assets data
5. Network Metadata - where we get all the chain & network metadata


Ocean Waves is an open source Audio Streaming Marketplace, offering the following features:

  • Audio Streaming: Users can stream and listen to a wide range of audio content directly on the platform.
  • Asset Marketplace: The marketplace allows users to buy and sell audio assets, including music tracks, podcasts, sound effects, and more.
  • Search and Discovery: Users can easily search for specific audio content or discover new content through various filters, genres, or tags
  • Wallet Integration: Integration with Web3 wallets like MetaMask allows secure transactions and seamless payments using OCEAN token
  • User Profiles: Each user has a profile where they can showcase the uploaded and purchased audio assets, create and play the playlist, see the sales per audio file or per album
  • Analytics and Insights: Creators can access data and insights on their content's performance, including play counts, total sales, earnings per audio file, and earnings per album


We offered several key values to enhance the audio streaming marketplace:

  1. Technical Expertise
    Our proficiency in frameworks like React, TypeScript, Next.js, and Web3 allowed for the efficient development of Ocean Waves

  2. Web3 Integration
    We enabled seamless interaction between users and the blockchain, facilitating secure transactions, wallet integration, and decentralized storage of audio assets

  3. Ocean Protocol Integration
    We utilized Ocean Protocol to power Ocean Waves, leveraging its capabilities for decentralized data exchange, privacy-preserving algorithms, and automated revenue sharing. This integration allowed for the creation of a secure and transparent ecosystem for buying, selling, and streaming audio assets

  4. User-Centric Design
    We focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface for Ocean Waves, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for both creators and listeners. Also, we prioritized features such as search and discovery and user profiles to enhance user satisfaction and engagement

  5. Monetization Opportunities
    We provided monetization opportunities for creators and enabled them to get paid in full for their work without relying on record labels where they get paid a minimal fraction of the total sales

  6. Security and PrivacyWe implemented robust security measures to protect user data and ensure secure transactions within Ocean Waves. We prioritized data privacy and the use of smart contracts to automate and secure revenue distribution, enhancing trust and confidence among users



“Working with Krypton Labs was synonymous with a smooth working flow, top-notch results, and remarkable solutions to specific requirements. Their understanding of the blockchain technology was an asset when working together on developing Ocean Waves, a music streaming marketplace for Ocean Protocol. ” - Casiana, Head of Marketing, Ocean Protocol